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Super Skills in the Sun

Tuesday 17th April was a fantatsic day at Breachwood Green School; the sun was shining and the children spent time outside developing their skills using scooters and skateboards. For some children it was a case of learning how to ride a scooter/skateboard for the first time and for others it was about learning new tricks such as jumping or sitting down on the scooter/skateboard.  The children were well protected with knee pads, elbow pads and helmets which helped ensure they all stayed safe and kept smiling throughout the day.

Freddy commented, "Skateboarding was brilliant because we learnt new tricks such as jumps which we hadn't done before."

Bailey also added, "It was good as the man showed us some of his tricks over boxes which made us want to practice our skateboarding more!"

skate 2 skate 1 2

World Book Day 2018

A huge thank you to all of the parents who made such a fantastic effort with the outfits for World Book Day. We had such a range of characters from an Oompa Loompa to a Gangsta Granny and Where’s Wally to beautiful Princesses.

Each class member voted for the fancy dress outfit that they thought was the best and the winners received a £5 token to spend on books.


book web

Chirpy Chicks

On Monday we had a delivery of eggs from the Happy Chick Company which caused a lot of excitement throughout the school! The PTFA provided the funds to enable us to purchase 15 eggs of which 13 have hatched. The chicks are growing quickly and children throughout the school have been able to observe and learn about the lifecycle of a chicken linked to their work in science on animals and animal lifecycles. The children will be using the opportunity to write about what they have observed and examples of their work will be included in the next newsletter.

 IMG E4057

Cross-Country - February 2018

We would like to congratulate the children who took part in the Cross Country Competition on Saturday 3rd February at Westminster Park, St. Albans. It was an incredibly cold day and some parts of the 1900m course were treacherous due to the mud but our children persevered. One of the children even completed the race with their shoe in their hand as it had fallen off due to the mud—the fact that they were still smiling shows their commitment!

Thank you to all of you who took part and made the school proud.

cc   IMG 3898  IMG 3901  IMG 3902

Tag Rugby - February 2018

On Thursday 8th of February a group of children from year 5 and 6 participated in a tag rugby event. It was run by the Saracens sport foundation and played at the Lincolnshire rugby club. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side so consequently they had to play on a muddy pitch, which affected the games entirely. However, it did not stop Breachwood from playing to the best of their ability!

The team persevered and had a great time winning nearly all their matches. Our team tried hard to get as many tries as they possibly could, winning one of the matches 8-1 to Breachwood. The adults gave the team lots of moral support throughout the matches which led them to victory, however this event was not a competition, but just about taking part.

Teamwork played a crucial part in this tournament and, luckily, they all seemed to have it! They all co-operated together and formed the perfect team. The children played exceedingly well and therefore they turned up at school with a proud feeling!

Written by Ruby and Sienna


Cracking Christmas Lunch

The children (and staff!) had a cracking time at our Christmas Lunch.  The food was fantastic and some children even ate brussel sprouts, despite their dislike for them, just to take part in the festive spirit.

IMG 0016 IMG 0023

Look and Learn Morning

We were really pleased to see so many people able to attend our Look and Learn session on Friday 15th December.  The children enjoyed tackling the problems with their parents and showing them the great work they have in their books.  One parent commented, 'Lovely to see in person what the children are doing in school and to feel involved in their learning.'

  IMG 0049 2  IMG 0038 IMG 0035 2


The Great Fire of Breachwood Green

For their history topic this term, Class 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London and were lucky enough to be visited by Herts Fire Service.

‘On Monday, the fire engine came to visit us and they set our houses on fire. We made our houses, for our homework, out of paper. The firemen set fire to our houses! They put the fire out with the hose and some buckets too. At the end, they flattened them and put them in a can. It was great fun!’ By Saul and Maria

This really is bringing learning to real-life!

IMG 3786  IMG 3787  IMG 3795

Smartie Day

To celebrate Children in Need’s Spotty Day, and raise the profile of maths across the school, we held a Smartie Day. This is what the children have to say about it:

‘We each had Smarties and had to make them into maths. We learnt about axis because we were making bar charts. When we went into assembly, at the end of the day, we got challenged to keep the Smartie on our tongue! We all had lots of fun.’

By Joel and Lexi

Thank you to the PTFA for supplying the Smarties!

IMG 3754 IMG 3774

Pizza Perfection

Class 1 and Class 2 made mini pizzas this week. The children were able to decide and make choices about the ingredients they wanted to put on their pizza - they looked delicious.  We would like to thank our Asda community champion Amanda Burnham for providing the workshop for the children and all the ingredients to make their pizzas.
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