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School News

Djembe Drumming

Class 3 and Class 4 performed an outstanding mini concert on Wednesday 24th October to showcase the fantastic skills they have learnt over the last six weeks.  During this time, the children have taken part in Djembe drumming lessons, taught by Caz from Hitchin Music Services, and have made incredible progress. The performance showed the children playing complex rhythms in rounds and even had them singing a call and response, welcome song called 'Fanga Alafia'. 

Classes 1 and 2 will get the chance to have these drumming lessons in the summer term and we can't wait for their performance!


Performing Perfectly

We are very proud of the children who performed at Breachwood Green Chapel on Sunday 16th September. They didn't have long to practise their song, yet they didn't let that deter them.  Since the Harvest service, a number of people have told the school how well the children performed and liked our choice of song - Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.  Two of the girls also read aloud a Harvest poem.

It was a lovely morning, enjoyed by all, and we were pleased to be able to share our talents with the rest of the community.


Friendly Football Tournament

The boys football team had a fantastic start with their first friendly football tournament. Of the five games they played, they drew two and won three! The team's morale was high and we are very proud of the support and encouragement they displayed towards each other.  

IMG 0024

Scarecrow Competition 2018

The children at Breachwood Green JMI were joined by some new friends this week!

It was great to see such a variety of entries for the Kings Walden and Breachwood Green Gardening Club Scarecrow competition.  The children enjoyed making the scarecrows in class and Class 3 were lucky enough to come joint first.

Well done and thank you to those of your who entered.

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Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We were pleased to see the sun shining on Tuesday 22nd May as it meant we were able to go ahead with our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The children enjoyed a picnic lunch on the playground and mixed well in their house colour teams. They played ’Pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat’ and ’Pin the tail on Mr Rabbit’, earning themselves points for their house colours. The variety of hats worn by the children was great, from home-made crowns to colourful wigs, and we were extremely pleased to see so many fruit and vegetable lovers!

mad hatter 1  mad hatter 3 mad hatter 4


We were very pleased to have Glen and Lewis visit us today from ThinkSport Coaching.  Throughout the day, they worked with each class to complete a gymnastics and multi-skills workshop.  The children tried various activities and develped their skills including jumping off boxes, walking on balance beams and throwing javelins. 

When asked what they thought of the day, the children said they had great fun and would love to come in the holidays as it will keep them active and stop them from getting bored.

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Super Skills in the Sun

Tuesday 17th April was a fantatsic day at Breachwood Green School; the sun was shining and the children spent time outside developing their skills using scooters and skateboards. For some children it was a case of learning how to ride a scooter/skateboard for the first time and for others it was about learning new tricks such as jumping or sitting down on the scooter/skateboard.  The children were well protected with knee pads, elbow pads and helmets which helped ensure they all stayed safe and kept smiling throughout the day.

Freddy commented, "Skateboarding was brilliant because we learnt new tricks such as jumps which we hadn't done before."

Bailey also added, "It was good as the man showed us some of his tricks over boxes which made us want to practice our skateboarding more!"

skate 2 skate 1 2

World Book Day 2018

A huge thank you to all of the parents who made such a fantastic effort with the outfits for World Book Day. We had such a range of characters from an Oompa Loompa to a Gangsta Granny and Where’s Wally to beautiful Princesses.

Each class member voted for the fancy dress outfit that they thought was the best and the winners received a £5 token to spend on books.


book web

Chirpy Chicks

On Monday we had a delivery of eggs from the Happy Chick Company which caused a lot of excitement throughout the school! The PTFA provided the funds to enable us to purchase 15 eggs of which 13 have hatched. The chicks are growing quickly and children throughout the school have been able to observe and learn about the lifecycle of a chicken linked to their work in science on animals and animal lifecycles. The children will be using the opportunity to write about what they have observed and examples of their work will be included in the next newsletter.

 IMG E4057

Cross-Country - February 2018

We would like to congratulate the children who took part in the Cross Country Competition on Saturday 3rd February at Westminster Park, St. Albans. It was an incredibly cold day and some parts of the 1900m course were treacherous due to the mud but our children persevered. One of the children even completed the race with their shoe in their hand as it had fallen off due to the mud—the fact that they were still smiling shows their commitment!

Thank you to all of you who took part and made the school proud.

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