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School News

The Great Fire of Breachwood Green

For their history topic this term, Class 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London and were lucky enough to be visited by Herts Fire Service.

‘On Monday, the fire engine came to visit us and they set our houses on fire. We made our houses, for our homework, out of paper. The firemen set fire to our houses! They put the fire out with the hose and some buckets too. At the end, they flattened them and put them in a can. It was great fun!’ By Saul and Maria

This really is bringing learning to real-life!

IMG 3786  IMG 3787  IMG 3795

Smartie Day

To celebrate Children in Need’s Spotty Day, and raise the profile of maths across the school, we held a Smartie Day. This is what the children have to say about it:

‘We each had Smarties and had to make them into maths. We learnt about axis because we were making bar charts. When we went into assembly, at the end of the day, we got challenged to keep the Smartie on our tongue! We all had lots of fun.’

By Joel and Lexi

Thank you to the PTFA for supplying the Smarties!

IMG 3754 IMG 3774

Pizza Perfection

Class 1 and Class 2 made mini pizzas this week. The children were able to decide and make choices about the ingredients they wanted to put on their pizza - they looked delicious.  We would like to thank our Asda community champion Amanda Burnham for providing the workshop for the children and all the ingredients to make their pizzas.
 IMG 6236

Talking About Toys

Class 1 would like to say a big thank you to Nana Linda, Mrs Barton and Mrs Hughes for sharing their toys from their childhood with the class as part of our topic on Toys. The children were able to see and hear about all sorts of different toys children played with over the last 80 years.

 IMG 6148 IMG 6340 edited


New Maths Resources

We would like to thank the school PTFA for purchasing lots of great new maths resources.  A number of children have commented that maths lessons are more enjoyable and that they are beginning to understand more within the lessons.  A great purchase - thank you to everyone who has helped over the years to raise the money to buy these.

Class maths 2 Class 2 maths Class 2 maths 3

Pumpkin Carving October 2017

As part of our close community link with Asda, Class 2 and 3 were lucky enough to be provided with a Pumpkin Carving Workshop.  The children worked together in teams to design their pumpkin, remove the insides and then carve their finished face.  Everyone had great fun taking part and as a bonus, the children that showed the best team work were allowed to take their pumpkins home!

 class 3 pumpkin design Class 3 pumpkin clean Class 2 pumpkin carving

Football Tournament!

Each class took part in our annual Football Tournament as part of Health Week. Each house chose their own country to represent and dressed in their house colours.

The children showed great teamwork throughout the morning and enjoyed supporting their house.

The winners were Yellow house representing Portugal. With Red house (Italy) coming 2nd, and Blue house (England) in 3rd place.



Stay & Play!

Parents and carers were invited to a Stay and Play session in Class 1 focussing on the importance of creative activities and problem solving in the Early Years.

They were able to share their child’s learning journey and then take part in a range of creative activities ranging from experimental bubble painting to transitional art, including the use of iPads for creative activities.

C1 stay and play

Sheep Visit!



             sheep 6

Children recently enjoyed an exciting and fun afternoon visit from an adorable trio of lambs! They were only a few weeks old and the children learnt that the markings on their fur indicated which farm they came from. The children also enjoyed petting and feeding the lambs which was a great experience for them all. It was an enjoyable treat and proved to be great fun!



Football Successes - March 2017

C3 Boys Football Rally                               Girls Football Rally C4               

A team from Class 3 team played fantastically and undefeated to win a football tournament at Highover School. Big congratulations to the team who are looking forward to the next competition.

Also, our Class 4 Girls team had a lot of fun participating in an End of Season football rally at Wilshere Dacre school.


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