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School News

Fun Science Morning!

As part of British Science Week children throughout the school enjoyed a fun filled Big Science Morning and took part in a wide range of practical investigations incorporating all the science strands and ranging from diving raisins to making goo and potions! They used their science knowledge to investigate, observe, make predictions and draw conclusions. It was great fun – ‘the best morning ever!’

science morning


Fun Day at Tag Rugby!

Children enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Harpenden Rugby Club at a sunny Tuesday in March. Our team was made up of three separate teams that competed against other schools that also took part. The children enjoyed the afternoon very much and said they would like to do it again!


tag rugby

Tri-Golf and Frisbee on Rec

Children enjoyed a fun day at the local rec particpating in Frisbee and Tri-Golf on a cold Friday in February. The day was led by an instructor from Ultimate Premier Sport, the feedback from the children was that they had a great day and would like to do it again!

C4.Frisbee  C1.Trigolf new






Fun had at Cross Country!

We went to cross country on Saturday and had a fantastic time. Year 5 and 6 both boys and girls all participated. We each had our own race for each year, it was a great day and we all had lots of fun.

The races were tough and some had over 150 people in once race, but most races we took part in had 60-80 other runners. It was great fun and we’d love to do it again.


Cross Country Boys



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