Oxford Road

Breachwood Green


SG4 8NP 

Tel: 01438 833115


What exactly is it?

All parents are automatically members and are encouraged to join the PTFA working committee. The PTFA has its own bank account and over the years has contributed enormously to the school, providing money for a wide variety of extra equipment which would not have been possible out of general funds. Many aspects of our work in school have been supported by the PTFA funds. Regular meetings are held for the purpose of organisation. The PTFA's main aims are to:

  • arrange events for social and fund-raising purposes
  • decide policy regarding expenditure of money raised by the group
  • provide practical help within the school

Current Officials:

  • Chair: Mrs V Chamberlin
  • Treasurer: Mrs A King
  • Minutes Secretary: Mrs L Saxby


We hope that you will continue to help and support the PTFA who organise many events for the children and their parents over the year, not forgetting the enormous fund raising that they also do for the benefit of all our children.



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