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School Meals

We encourage our children to participate in school dinners. We offer a cafeteria service. Herts Catering Ltd are the County providers of school meals and are currently promoting a rotated, three week, healthy eating menu.

Our kitchin staff show their artistic talents by making amazing fruit sculptures to encourage the children to try different fruits. On Wednesdays the children have a lovely roast dinner and on Fridays the popular choice is pizza. Here are some examples of the Fruit Friday sculptures:

fruit1 fruit2 fruit3 fruit4

Parents are provided with a new menu at the beginning of each term. Children are, alternatively, allowed to bring their own packed lunch and non-fizzy drink in a suitable named container - not a can or glass bottle. Herts Catering Ltd will provide packed lunches if required at the same price as School dinner - see menu.

Daily price from September 2017: £2.40 FOR KS2 CHILDREN

Weekly: £11.75



Money for meals is paid either weekly on Monday mornings or by cheque (made payable to Herts Catering Ltd) termly or half-termly. Hertsfordshire Catering request that all meals are paid for in advance. There is also an option to pay via the school's link to School Comms via the School Payment Gateway on the Website.

Occasionally there is a need to make a change to the advertised menu for reasons out of our control (ie problems with deliveries, power cuts etc) but we do our best to ensure that a balanced meal is available.

School Milk

Milk is a good healthy drink for children.

Milk is also available to all other infant-aged children.

Milk (semi Skimmed) is provided at reduced prices as a result of European community subsidy. This must be ordered and paid for a term in advance at the end of the previous term.

Please send separate cheques for milk and dinners both made out to Herts Catering Ltd and placed in separate special yellow school envelopes.

Prices are shown below:
Autumn Term 2017 - £18.00


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