Admissions Arrangements

Children are admitted to Breachwood Green School in the academic year that they turn 5.  Those who are aged under 5 are known as ‘Other 4s’ until the term of their 5th birthday, when they become Reception Infants and are known as The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Parents who live in Hertfordshire will receive admission information from Hertfordshire County Council. All admissions and school places are allocated centrally. Parents who live in Bedfordshire should apply to their own authority for both Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire schools.

Application forms are available from the Hertfordshire Education Board Admissions website:

In-Year Admissions

Children may be admitted during the school year providing there are places available.  Parents will need to contact Hertfordshire County Council to request information regarding places and admission forms.

In-year applications are available from:

Admissions to the school are governed by the Admissions Policy of Hertfordshire Local Authority.

For clarification or further information please contact the school.  

If you would like to view the school, we would be happy to arrange a convenient time for this. Please contact Mrs Fox on 01438 833115 or