Absence & Attendance

The day starts at 8.55am. Children are expected to be in the playground at least 5 minutes, but no earlier than 10 minutes, before school starts as supervision cannot be guaranteed before this time. It is important that children get into the habit of being punctual, both for their own sake and in terms of the organisation of the School.

There is a morning break from 10.45–11.00am.

Lunch is from 12.00 to 1.05pm.

If children arrive later than 8.55am or 1.05pm, they are recorded as ‘late’. If they arrive after 9.05am or 1.10pm without authorisation, they are recorded as ‘unauthorised absent’ which will be shown on the School’s Annual Record of Achievement.

All absences, for whatever reason, should be explained in writing. It is a legal requirement that schools keep detailed records of absences and these have to be carefully monitored by staff and are checked by the Education Welfare Officers. Absence data is returned to the Local Authority each term.